Big Screen Brutals – 30 August 2015 @ Spektrum – Glitch Is Fucked

Big Screen Brutals - 30 August 2015

FB event:

Sunday 30. August 2015
Doors: 19:00 / Start time: 20:00
Free entrance

Address: Bürknerstraße 12, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
Transports: U8 Schönleinstraße

The first edition of BSB at Spektrum will feature two different sets of connected short films:

1. “Glitch Is Fucked” (see below for playlist)
… or should that read ‘Glitch Is Fucking Great!’? We’re not sure. Herein we will explore those visions which will either glorify or lay waste to the so-called Glitch Movement. Get ready for epileptic blasts of computer graphics; rainbowing mushrooms of data corruption; analog synaesthesia processes; documents of pseudo-science; propaganda for non-existent conspiracies; classic early-internet viral weirdness; found videos from unknown sources; and maybe the odd cartoon.

2. “Music is Fucked Too”
It’s a lot like the first one, except you can nod your head and talk if you want to.

May your video life contain flashing lights!

Presented by Big Screen Brutals and Spektrum.

“Glitch Is Fucked” playlist:

UCNV – Crashed Universal
Guillaume Vallée – Tzara I
Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly – Scan Processor Studies
V-Atak – Anti
Takeshi Murata – Pink Dot
Jim Crutchfield – Space Time Dynamics in Video Feedback
Teddy Lasry – Challenger
Brenna Murphy – skyeye
Crazy Dave Tape – DRUGS
The Divine David – Television
Le Dernier Cri – Les religions sauvages
Botborg – To Bypass a Sensory Roadblock
Threee Geniuses – Jon
Daniel Leyva – FAKE+GAY
Guadaloupe & O. Chatté – Spermadroïd
Sgure & Sekitani – Anulus Pexie
Princesse Rotative – M.Gunt Junior
Ouananiche – Anti Love
jonCates – Moviestorm Machinima Audition Tape TX VRSN
Module VXD – Acadesrevenge
Devin Flynn – Y’all So Stupid #4
Crazy Dave Tape – DON’T KNOW
The Superusers – Every Interpretation of Maxim
Crazy Dave Tape – WHAT
Autotune Fail

Big Screen Brutals – 7 September 2012 @ Pony Royal – VJ Meat, Sonic Outlaws, Kultur=Kaputt, Youtube Party w/ Santisima Virgen Maria

FB event:

Freitag 7. September 2012
20-00 Uhr

Pony Royal
Siegfriedstraße 12
12051 Berlin-Neukölln
*zwischen S+U Hermannstraße und S+U Neukölln.

3-5 Euro für die Künstlern.

20-21 – Sonic Outlaws (Regie: Craig Baldwin, USA, 1995)
21-22 – Kultur=Kaputt (BSB Kurzfilme Selektion)
22-23 – VJ Meat (Live, audio-visual mashcore)
23-00 – Open Youtube Party (Gastmoderator: Santisima Virgen Maria)

infos und videos unten (auf Englisch):

SONIC OUTLAWS (Craig Baldwin, USA, 1995)
Director Craig Baldwin, himself a master of film archive appropriation, collects insightful interviews with mass media jammers such as Negativland, Emergency Broadcast Network, John Oswald, The Tape Beatles, and many more. If nothing else, this is worth seeing just to hear members of Negativland confront U2’s “The Edge” about how U2’s record company sued the pants off Negativland unbeknownst to the Irish superstars.

KULTUR=KAPUTT (short film selection)
Jamming culture until it’s broken. Our selection of brutals from Emergency Broadcast Network, Negativland, People Like Us, Church of the Subgenius, St Sanders, V-Atak, Pomodoro Tone Style, and the very bloody depths of the copyright infringing internet.

VJ MEAT (Live)
VJ Meat is the anonymous avatar of V-Atak – an audio-visual label with connections to artists around the world and a driving force behind many meaty projects, including the VisionSonic festival in Paris. VJ Meat is a true visual ecarissor – he hacks, crushes, and laminates his different sources to the last fragment. He mixes the videos of V-Atak, Madame Chao, Lovid, and more, thus creating a subtly brutal, scathing, and immersive atmosphere.

OPEN YOUTUBE PARTY (guest host: Santisima Virgen Maria)
Request your brutal best! Or chat and drink beer while you try to ignore *that* goddamn video. Hosted by Madrid’s favorite media-chopping exile Santisima Virgen Maria!

Thanks to Pony Royal for their support.