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Small Black Box

Welcome to the Small Black Box

A performance and listening space dedicated to experimental music and sound art in Brisbane, Australia. ...more info


Small Black Box thanks RIP 2001-2005

Small Black Box is no longer holding performances of any kind for the foreseeable future. It has been a happy 4 years for us, however we now feel that it is time to move on to other projects. Since SBB commenced on 27 May 2001 we have showcased over 100 local, interstate and international artists presenting original experimental music and sound art that may have otherwise not been heard in Brisbane. There has been an unprecedented rise in both audience and artist interest in experimental music performance during this time, and we have been constantly surprised and encouraged by the quality of the work we have been fortunate enough to present.

Special thanks go to everyone who attended or performed at a SBB; the kind staff at the Institute of Modern Art and Metro Arts; and the Australia Council and Arts Queensland for their support.

SBB is permanently discontinued, however be sure to keep an eye out for a comprehensive retrospective of SBB available sometime in the future. If you are interested in keeping abreast of experimental music happenings in Brisbane then we urge you to join the newly established Half/theory mailing list at

Best wishes,
The (ex)Small Black Box crew.